A new immersion platform for online English teaching

Jun Shen
Jiangsu Radio and Television University

Nanjing, China

With the high-speed development of computer technology, open education in English teaching and learning blending with new technologies has become one of the ‘hotspots’ in the area of teaching research. Compared with traditional English classes, it is more difficult for teachers to instruct the students and solve problems instantly in online English teaching; and so teachers find it hard to adjust the content and emphasis of their teaching materials, which leads to inefficiency in online English learning. Besides, it lacks effective methods for supervising and inspiring students’ online learning in the open education mode. This paper will therefore focus on designing an immersion platform for open education in English teaching and learning. In this mode, the most popular technologies — including virtual reality, networks and multimedia, and virtual human and natural human machine interaction techniques — will be introduced to help address the defects in online English education. Also, the technologies introduced enhance the information technology of online English education which is not satisfied in the traditional English classroom. This open mode will be added in an immersion English environment, and make use of the information technology to trace and record students’ learning process, in order to establish a reasonable evaluation system.