Use of technology to enhance teaching and learning in the National Open University of Nigeria

Vincent Ado Tenebe and Rotimi Ogidan
National Open University of Nigeria
Lagos, Nigeria

The characteristics of open and distance education, among which is the separation of learners in terms of space and time, show that the use of technology is crucial for ensuring that teaching and learning are effective. The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to show how technology is used to enhance the teaching and learning processes in the National Open University of Nigeria, which is a good example of a single-mode distance learning institution. Learners in this University enjoy support services through constant linkage by e-mail, telephone, fax, video conferencing and interactive radio, in addition to print technology. However, some challenges in providing the needed level of technological support have been identified an inadequate number of academic and technical staff, an inadequate supply of relevant software and electricity, and the fact that most learners are not very conversant with the use of computers. Adequate measures need to be initiated so that more qualified academic and technical staff are employed, and the basic infrastructure is put in place to surmount these limitations. Besides, it is suggested that students should be encouraged to familiarize themselves with the use of computers and Internet search engines. In addition, more course materials must be uploaded, and more audio/video tapes and video compact discs should be produced for the students, while radio and television should be utilized for teaching and learning. Efforts should also be intensified to discover how to collaborate with other open and distance learning (ODL) institutions on the best uses of modern technology to enhance teaching and learning.